EUGLOHRIA Virtual Tours

The EUGLOHRIA Virtual Tours aim at showcasing the results and progress of the project specifically related to the transformational module on “Sharing Infrastructures & Resources” at identifying and compiling the research infrastructure available to the Alliance, strengthening the collaboration potential by featuring model core facilities and approaching audiences with interactive and innovative content.


  • Showcase Core Facilities available to the Alliance as evidence of its unique expertise on issues regarding Global Health.
  • Provide insights into research to particular audiences, such as schools, to raise their interest in science.
  • Bring the concrete results and outcomes of EUGLOHRIA closer to the public.
  • Strengthen the image of the Alliance outside of academia.
  • Create new linkages to audiences and actors, such as schools.


The target population includes the general public/ civil society members, young people, policymakers, as well as researchers and current students from EUGLOH-RIA universities who have a specific interest in global health challenges.


Recorded 360° virtual tours through selected core facilities. Flagship core facilities are video recorded or photographed with a 360° camera to showcase their functions, features, experiments, contributions to Global Health and potential use within EUGLOHRIA. 360° video or picture will be put together in H5P format as a virtual tour to be presented online and distributed at schools and other access points to respective target audiences.


  • Upon loading the virtual tour, participants will see the 360-degree image displayed on their screen.
  • To explore the surroundings, they can click and drag their cursor on the image in any direction. This action will allow them to pan around and view different parts of the scene.
  • Participants can zoom in or out to get a closer look at specific details within the image. They can use the mouse scroll wheel (if available) or pinch on touch-enabled devices to zoom in and out.
  • If the virtual tour includes multiple scenes (connected 360-degree images), participants may see navigation hotspots or arrows within the image.
  • To move to the next scene, they can click on the hotspots or arrows. This action will transition them to a new location within the virtual tour.
  • Some virtual tours may include informational hotspots or pop-ups within the image.
  • If there is additional information available, participants can click on these hotspots to read more details or view multimedia content related to the scene.

Core Facilities

Biomedical Center Munich (LMU) - Part 1
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Biomedical Center Munich (LMU) - Part 2
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MAX IV Laboratory (LU)
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Lund Protein Production Platform (LU)
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Functional Cell Biology and Immunology- Advanced Core Facility (USZ)
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Biobank of the University of Szeged (USZ)
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Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde - Associate Laboratory (UPorto)
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Platform CIBLOT (UPSaclay)
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Laboratory of Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles (UPorto)
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