Main Objectives

Setting in motion ambitious institutional transformations

EUGLOHRIA aims to establish a world-class higher education, research, and innovation alliance to address current adequately and future Global Health challenges. EUGLOHRIA pursues following objectives:

  • Consolidate synergies within EUGLOH's joint strategy by developing a Research and Innovation agenda.
  • Enhance the excellence and visibility of the Alliance across the different dimensions of education, research, innovation and societal development.
  • Pave the way to develop an innovative agenda of institutional transformation aiming to impact future similar cross-sectoral endeavours.
  • Contribute to securing the influence and significance of the Alliance's long-term plan to set the foundation of a common European health area.
  • Contribute to tackling Global Health challenges generating adequate conditions for the sustainable development of the "Research and Innovation" dimension.
  • Provide best practice models of transnational and cross-sectoral institutional cooperation for future European programs and projects.