Application Form: Standard Proposal Scheme

In the standard proposal scheme, you can indicate which principal domain, expertise and typology you are searching a collaboration for.

Upon completing the proposal scheme, the form will be generated for the applicant, and the EUGLOHRIA contact persons will receive a notification via e-mail. The proposed scheme is strongly advised to be used when initiating a collaboration with a specific facility.

Please note:
The intention to collaborate within the Alliance is set and signed at the highest level of universities by the leaders in a Memorandum of Understanding on facility sharing, and the actual cooperation will be set up with the platforms allowing for the shortest turnaround time.

The financial conditions and implementation details for any particular case will be defined in specific working programs negotiated with the respective Facilities, to be approved by the Rectors of all Universities or by their representatives.
At all times obligatory permits required in connection with the usage of the facilities will be provided by the concerned partners. Guidance on the procedure can be asked from host platform.