Excellence Core Facilities Network

The long-established, well-equipped, highly experienced research and teaching units of the EUGLOH Alliance are committed to pursuing the integrated mission of developing into a world-class higher education, research and innovation Alliance addressing global health challenges ranging from public health and environmental protection to food security.

This mission focuses on the urgent need to enhance international and cross-sectoral collaboration in research and innovation in tackling Global Health Crises, especially in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. In this context, partners’ research infrastructures in the field of global health have been assessed, and accessible Excellence Core Facilities (ECFs) have been identified with the aim of consolidating research capacity, fostering scientific collaboration and creating synergies in research and innovation.

Our objectives

Provide information about research platforms

Create a central hub of information

Foster international collaborations

Enhance research platform accessibility and usage

Our research facilities

The five partner universities operate more than 700 different research platforms under the umbrella of the Alliance, clustered around 97 identified Excellence Core Facilities. These platforms are associated and under the responsibility of more than 200 distinct research units.

The Life Sciences and Health related fields of the alliance are strong in preclinical and clinical exploration, chemistry and screening, in vivo and cellular imaging, cytometry and histology, physicochemical analysis, structural biology and biophysics, genomics and post genomics, animal facilities, and bioinformatics, which makes possible a very extensive manner of health-related research.

Our network of Excellence Core Facilities

The scientific collaboration, the shared use of the partners’ infrastructure, and the exchange of diverse, unique knowledge will contribute to solving global health problems. The access to available equipment and a closer connection to some of the largest research facilities in Europe, including medical, biological and physical institutes, make a powerful transnational network in the spirit of collaborative research.

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Should you have any questions on the EUGLOHRIA Excellence Core Facilities Network , please contact: euglohria@szte.hu