Access Platforms

The EUGLOHRIA Alliance, recognizing the importance of educational, cultural and scientific cooperation between international universities and sharing the same interest in promoting links that may lead to a strong and fruitful relationship between partner universities, established a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the leaders of the universities stating the intention to share EUGLOHRIA Excellence Core Facilities within the Alliance.

Accessible Excellence Core Facilities can be searched through the below links leading to the platform-sharing websites. For the shortest turnaround time, contacts can be made directly with the platforms.

When contacting the platforms, please use the file you receive upon completing the EUGLOHRIA standard proposal scheme.

The financial conditions and implementation details for any particular case will be defined in specific working programs negotiated with the respective Facilities.

  • Université Paris-Saclay

    Plug in labs Université Paris-Saclay ( is a platform that enables you to quickly and simply identify public research skills and research offers of the laboratories and technological platforms of the Paris-Saclay University area.

    No registration is needed, simply use the “search” field available on the home page of Plug in labs Université Paris-Saclay (or in the upper part of all pages) to look for a skill or an equipment! Searching by keywords (for example, tomography, sequencing, illumina, bruker…) queries all the laboratory and/or platform files in which the “keyword” is contained at least once. Next, on the page displaying the results of a search, the various filters allow you to refine your results by type of structure: platform only, fablab and research structure (research unit or team, service unit) and to target your search by keyword only on a piece of equipment. Note that Plug in labs Université Paris-Saclay also proposes a help section.

    You have now identified a platform or a laboratory and would like to discuss about a collaboration? Simply use the button “CONTACT BY MAIL” in the contact info frame and express your need!

  • Lund University

    The LUCRIS database ( is open for anyone to browse and search for resources and competence at Lund University. No registration is needed and there are both Swedish and English version of the database. The database has a specific Research Infrastructure module for Infrastructures at Lund University. The database allows filtering on e.g., type of infrastructure, current status of national interest, type and unit. At the moment there are 250 Research Infrastructures in the data base whereof 70 with administrative base at the Faculty of Medicine. There are contact details for all the Research Infrastructures, most commonly in the form of an email address, but for some also phone number and physical address.

  • University of Szeged

    University of Szeged is currently working on creating a website for easy and simple identification of accessible research facilities and equipment. A simple searchable database of core facilities available for external stakeholders including EUGLOH Alliance members is currently operating, where you can refine your search by principal domain, primary sector and typologies. The database currently contains over 100 facilities that can be related to the topic of EUGLOH, which is global health.

    No registration is required, simply search for facilities of interest. If there is a match for your request at University of Szeged, detailed information will be shown, and the facilities can be contacted directly using the EUGLOHRIA standard proposal scheme.

  • Universidade do Porto

    The University of Porto website provides information on the research dynamics of its ecosystem, more specifically about its fields of research and development, its scientific production and the R&D structure and units that are present in its ecosystem.

    Registration is not necessary to access the “Scientific Infrastructures and Platforms” list. On the main page of the website, you will find the “Research” tab. After clicking it, under “What we research” click on “Scientific Infrastructures and Platforms”. This will lead you to the list of existing scientific platforms at U.Porto’s research ecosystem, organised by scientific area. You may click on each of the scientific areas (“Arts and Humanities”, “Engineering Sciences and Technology”, “Health Sciences” and “Exact Sciences”) and scroll through the list of available platforms.

    To access the resources and services of the scientific platforms of U.Porto’s research ecosystem, please contact the facilities by using the contacts available (by email and/or phone), specifying the desired services.

  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

    PPMS, the platform-sharing website by the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universtität München (LMU), offers access to information regarding research facilities within the LMU. Upon entering a keyword (such as the name of equipment one is looking for) in the search field at the very top, PPMS gives an overview of the LMU facilities and according equipment/methods that may be available matching the search. Registration is not necessary to retrieve this kind of information. However, for accessing further information and getting in touch with the facilities, a registration is required. After creating an account, detailed information on the research facilities is available and facilities can be contacted directly.