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The European University Alliance for Global Health – Transformation through Joint Research and Innovation Action (EUGLOHRIA)

Addressing Global Health challenges, such as the Coronavirus pandemic, requires coordinated efforts based on robust collaboration and grounded common purposes.

Rooted in and building on the commitment of the European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) to foster a strong network focused on education and training in Global Health at European level, EUGLOHRIA consolidates the Alliance's activities and achievements towards establishing a European University around Global Health by broadening its scope to include the "Research and Innovation" dimension. EUGLOHRIA seeks to expand EUGLOH's reach, incorporating cutting-edge research and situating the Alliance as a strategic partner within highly dynamic innovation ecosystems.

The overall mission of EUGLOHRIA is to set up a world-class higher education, research, and innovation alliance to address current adequately and future Global Health challenges.

Key Objectives of EUGLOHRIA

  • Consolidate synergies within EUGLOH's joint strategy by developing a Research and Innovation agenda.
  • Enhance the excellence and visibility of the Alliance across the different dimensions of education, research, innovation and societal development.
  • Pave the way to develop an innovative agenda of institutional transformation aiming to impact future similar cross-sectoral endeavours.
  • Contribute to securing the influence and significance of the Alliance's long-term plestablishion of a common European health area.
  • Contribute to tackling Global Health challenges generating adequate conditions for the sustainable development of the "Research and Innovation" dimension.
  • Provide best practice models of transnational and cross-sectoral institutional cooperation for future European programs and projects.