EUGLOHRIA’s Approach & Efforts

Stepping up international and cross-sectoral collaboration in research and innovation

Based on the unique expertise, robust cooperation and common perspectives that characterize the Alliance, the efforts within EUGLOHRIA will focus on:

  • Establishing an action plan in research on pandemics as a tangible example of a Global Health challenge by joining the partner's cross-disciplinary expertise in tackling the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Setting in motion a joint action plan for creating a Network of Excellence Core Facilities (EFC) to exploit the Alliance's potential in Research and Innovation.
  • Generating the conditions for adequate assimilation of the Alliance's contributions to Global Health by fostering academia-business co-operations within the particular innovation ecosystems.
  • Envisioning the establishment of the "EUGLOH Observatory of Global Health" as a knowledge exchange and innovation hub in Global Health to sustain joint efforts and accelerate the translation of research into innovations.
  • Guaranteeing proper communication and dissemination efforts and actively engaging actors across different sectors of society.
  • Ensuring the sustainability of the institutional transformation agenda.

One of the most important long-term goals of EUGLOHRIA is to develop the research and innovation dimension of the EUGLOH alliance by expanding its shared, integrated, long-term joint strategy in synergy with the education dimension of EUGLOH.

For this purpose, EUGLOHRIA will focus on the following three transformational modules: