First workshop of the EUGLOHRIA Science Communication Workshop series 2023

We successfully carried out the first workshop of the EUGLOHRIA Science Communication Workshop series 2023 in April 17th 2023. The event was organized by EUGLOHRIA in collaboration with the Science Communication Lab (SCL) and the Deutsches Museum. It was conducted by Fabienne Will and Laura Verbeek from the SCL and focused mainly on the key practical aspects of science communication.

On the event, participants from different backgrounds and nationalities participated. Exercises to analyze common (paper, poster, talk) or uncommon (comics, songs, videogames) formats were framed by theoretical background information on structuring and storytelling, as well as discussion on the why and how of science communication.

The workshop was interactive, with open discussions and group work, interspersed with small theoretical inputs, often illustrated by practical experience from the work done in the museum and the SCL. The participants also had the opportunity to design a prototype of their own science communication format, in this case a podcast on common myths and misconceptions.

Registration is still open for the next EUGLOHRIA Science Communication Workshop on June 29. If you would like to register for this workshop, please click here