EUGLOHRIA''s First Research Conference

EUGLOHRIA Seeding Conference for Joint Pandemics Research

Hosted by Lund University, EUGLOHRIA successfully organised and carried out its first large scale academic event. Researchers and other actors from each university's innovation ecosystems participated in EUGLOHRIA's Seeding Conference for Joint Pandemics Research (16-17 May 2022).


Capitalising on previously achieved milestones, such as the action plan on joint scientific directions, the identification of 306 pandemic related projects and the subsequently established inventory and the hierarchical cluster analysis performed on this data, researchers were invited to present research projects aiming at igniting a collaborative spark for the establishment of new joint pandemic research projects based on the researchers' expertise, needs, and access to research facilities. This invitation was expanded to include new research and representatives of each member's innovation ecosystem, further broadening the scope of the collaborations.

Out of almost 160 registered participants in this conference, and 60 accepted abstracts, 55 participants contributed with presentations during the eight parallel sessions spanning the two conference days. These participants representing not only each Alliance member, but also many different disciplines, engaged in substantial discussions around relevant categories to approach pandemic research to understand the virus and its mechanisms, detect it, act against it and address social, political and economic consequences.

EUGLOHRIA Seeding Conference for Joint Pandemics Research aimed at encouraging the exchange of new scientific and innovative insights and ideas on pandemics and COVID-19 challenges, facilitating the formation of new cross-boundary and translational research collaborations within and between partners within the EUGLOHRIA consortium and promoting and supporting joint research applications to external funding agencies.

The conference was inaugurated by Prof. Lena Eskilsson, Vice-Rector at Lund University and Prof. Eric Cassan, Vice-Rector at Université Paris-Saclay and EUGLOHRIA Coordinator who delivered the opening addresses. Associate Prof. Joakim Esbjörnsson-Klemendz, WP2 Leader at Lund University and Convener also addressed the participants and introduced the online format of the conference. This event reunited also prominent keynote speakers, such as Prof. Peter M. Nilsson (LU), Dr. Stéphanie Simon (UPS), Dr. Gergely Röst (USZ), Prof. Zoltán Kónya (USZ), Prof. Katja Radon (LMU), Dr. Teresa Leao (UPORTO), Dr. Roger Le Grand (UPS), who shared insights from their work and contributed to the overall theme of the conference around pandemic research.

During this conference, the EUGLOHRIA's Seeding Grants were presented as an opportunity for researchers to receive support from the Alliance, allowing them to meet, exchange experiences and plant a seed that would flourish in new and sustainable collaborations. Such instruments and the resulting partnerships will ultimately and sustainably strengthen the Alliance's ambitious plan to establish a world-class higher education, research and innovation European Alliance dedicated to addressing current and future Global Health Challenges.

We extend our gratitude to all those involved in the success of this event; participants, moderators & assistant moderators, and keynote speakers alike. A special thank goes to the hosts and main organisers, Prof. Heiko Herwald, Associate Prof. Joakim Esbjörnsson-Klemendz and Associate Prof. Fariba Vaziri-Sani at Lund University, Sweden.

This conference is another example of the progress made by EUGLOHRIA towards contributing to tackling global health challenges by generating adequate conditions for the sustainable development of the "Research & Innovation" dimension of the Alliance.